Nano innovations from the Metropolitan Region Nürnberg took centre stage in the "Frankenschau" of the Bavarian broadcast. Also present: The Kompetenzzentrum Neue Materialien Bayreuth (NMB), member of the EPP forum, which showcased a novel nano coating for EPP products.
Whether innovative materials, semiconductor electronics or medical applications, the nanotechnology has already been employed there. But this innovative technology becomes more and more important as well when coating material. Thus, NMB developed a nano structured lacquer. This one can for example be spread onto foodstuffs boxes made of EPP.

Executive director of NMB, Dr. Dieter Kunz, towards the "Frankenschau": "This nano based lacquer has two attributes: The first one is a very smooth surface outward, so that filth can be removed very well. The other attribute is the denticulation and the entanglement of the EPP material with the grounding." The nano structured lacquer clings better to the foam and defends the content from fouling. The advantage: Foodstuffs can securely be transported subject to hygienic regulations.

In mid-October, these and further innovations around EPP will be presented by the EPP forum at the MATERIALICA 2008 in Munich. Within the MATERIALICA Design Convention, graduate engineer Christian Traßl, executive director of the EPP forum will dwell on the future chances of EPP as designer substance. With more than 7000 visitors and 300 participating businesses, the MATERIALICA is regarded as international distinguished trade fair for material applications, surface areas and product engineering.

EPP forum at the 3rd MATERIALICA Design Convention
Theme: New design applications for particle foams made of expanded polypropylene

Speaker: Christian Traßl Date: October 14th, 2008 Time: 10:30 ? 11:00 a.m.

Location: Neue Messe München