Bayreuth, on December 1st, 2008. As of 2009, "SpVgg Bayreuth" can finally celebrate its athletic successes on EPP. After all, the new artificial turf of the Hans-Walter-Wild-Stadium of Bayreuth, which will yet be laid at the end of this year at mild temperatures, is bedded on ground plates made of expanded polypropylene.
The advantages of the EPP foundation are obvious: The flexible and at the same time extremely robust substance disposes of excellent cushioning attributes. Furthermore, the EPP artificial turf is joint protecting because of optimised resilience. On this high-tech turf, the soccer gents of "SpVgg" are hopefully going to score without the slightest effort.

But for working practically, the EPP foundation is advantageous as well: The ground plates are featherweight. Since the EPP plates can be combined like a puzzle, the laying proceeds quickly, too. Particularly, scarce maintenance requirements and an extra long durability of the artificial turf field should be emphasized.

"The Hans-Walter-Wild-Stadium", Christian Traßl of the EPP forum pointed out, "is the first stadium of Germany, where ground plates for EPP artificial turf are applied in." The executive director appeared very pleased, that here as well the city of Bayreuth takes a pioneering position in Germany. That way, the city of Wagner, home of the EPP forum since 2006, becomes once more precursor of an innovative substance. "By this means", said Christian Traßl, "the city of Bayreuth supports not only soccer in Bayreuth, it also saves long term costs for public authorities due to low maintenance requirements of the EPP turf."