Pupils of Bayreuth with many ideas A nationwide initiative of the German economy
The game of innovation "Adolescence considers Future" enables male and female pupils to simulate an exemplarily process of innovation on their own responsibility with the participating businesses. The creative-workshop is supposed to cause consideration - on the one hand about future generally, a sustainable exposure to resources and liability of enterprises to society, on the other hand about innovations which will be provided by future and which will be necessary. Under skilful guidance, the young people assume the parts of young trend scouts and consultants for one week. There, they do not only learn to deal properly with the most important trends or how to develop innovations, but also in which ways these ideas can be implemented.

This year, 24 male and female pupils from FOS Bayreuth were allowed to dabble on the development of new ideas and their conversion. In cooperation with Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH, the EPP forum promoted this economical initiative. From December 1st up to 5th of 2008, the workshop offered interactive experience in step with actual practice to the pupils of mixed faculties. Via diverse teaching materials, the young people received the necessary background knowledge and their teachers provided the required support.

The application area conforms with the department of the mentoring company, which hence selects a topic. Themes can be for example "Building and Living", "Education" or "Digitalisation". Our slogan was of course called "Innovations around the substance EPP", because the possibilities of its application are just as versatile as the material.

Aim of the initiative: An exemplarily process of innovation shall be simulated completely - beginning at the analysis of global mega-trends via branch-trends up to the development of products and services. Naturally, the pupils should not lose track of the aspect of sustainability there.

A professional facilitator organizes the game of innovation. This person imparts knowledge which succeeds communication and methods of presentation in the first place. On the first and second day, the pupils shall work out visions. There, problems deal with issues like "How does the world of tomorrow look like?" or new branch-trends. On the third and fourth day, they take a look at practical life. Here, it is all about the jobs of tomorrow and the answer to the question "How does the market operate?". The fifth day centres the customer. How can he or she be gotten into innovations? In the end, the results are presented and discussed together.

Moreover, engaged male and female pupils have the possibility to participate in the nationwide contest and in the allied initiative "Adolescence establishes". Cooperation of teenagers and businesses a big step forward!