20 | From now on it can be kicked upon EPP

The artificial turf of the Hans-Walter-Wild-Stadium of Bayreuth consists of the innovative foam EPP
Bayreuth, March 23rd of 2009. At the end of 2008, the city of Bayreuth started renovating the Hans-Walter-Wild-Stadium. The laying of the new turf was among the comprehensive arrangements. The feature: The city of Bayreuth abstained from a "normal" artificial turf and opted for an innovation: Artificial Turf, which consists of the versatile and trend-setting foam EPP.

Actually, the innovation made of expanded polypropylene (in short EPP) can not be seen at all, because the flexible foam cushion "hides" beyond a dense thicket of green turf fibres. The players of SpVgg will appreciate the special attributes of the EPP artificial turf. After all, the foam captivates with its decelerated resilience. "This advantageous attribute of EPP", explains Christian Traßl, executive director of the EPP forum, "reduces myo- and articular exposure of the soccer players."

In terms of ball behavior, the supporting level EPP is unbeatable as well. "The footballers of SpVgg", says the business manager, "will believe they are playing on natural turf." Further advantages: The EPP artificial turf is weather-proof and warrants a constant playing comfort throughout the year, so that distortion, holes and grass clods are history.

More playing comfort and less risk of injury, these are not the only advantages, that speak in favour of EPP. Christian Traßl: "The artificial turf can be transported without difficulty and laid without great effort." This is enabled by feathery EPP panels, which can be combined like a puzzle. In case of a damage of a panel, this one part can be exchanged easily.

The maintenance is child's play as well: The turf just needs to be vacuumed and brushed. "Due to its low maintenance and nursing expenses as well as its long-life cycle, the EPP artificial turf is cheaper than a normal artificial turf ? an important advantage in times of sparse funds", emphasizes Christian Traßl.

Robust, easy to clean, weather-proof, inexpensive and comfortable, the EPP artificial turf, which was laid in a German stadium for the first time, proves itself by its numerous advantages. Advantages, which will also benefit other German associations and communes.