EPP forum twitters of the "EPP scene".
Since July 30th of 2009, the EPP forum also takes part in the latest trend of the internet: Twitter. A micro blog, which extra short messages, so-said "tweets", can be published with. Maximum 140 characters the tweets may comprise. So, the author has to get to the heart of his message in few words. Simply perfect to refer quickly and straightforward to the latest news from the EPP scene - like current EPP news or product innovations.

But Twitter is more than just a new platform for news. The aspect "social networking" is of particular importance: users of Twitter can subscribe to the messages of other authors. In Twitter jargon this is called: "Follow". The advantage for the EPP forum: single persons, research institutes or businesses - and that from all over the world - can subscribe to the messages of the EPP forum. In this way, attention is drawn to expanded polypropylene and the EPP forum even better. A clear advantage for public relations. By the same token, the EPP forum follows the tweets of relevant businesses, organisations, research institutes or persons. The first ground was broken by VDI Wissensforum and the trade fair "Composites Europe" in Stuttgart.

Twitter: fast, up to date, concise. The latest medium of communication of the EPP forum comes with a couple of benefits. Thus, the level of awareness of EPP and the EPP forum can be increased further. Moreover, designers, product developers or research scientists, who have known the foam hardly or not at all so far, can be won over for the EPP network.

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