Shapely designer bottle coolers and fancy wine shelves, colourful children's building bricks and a vanguard sledge: These are only a few examples for products, if not to say, works of art that can be made of EPP. With Design Award - 2011, the EPP-Forum provides a platform for young designers to prove their creativity, now for the third time.

What we need
The requirements are easily met. Design a product made of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). There are no limits to your imagination. Type, colour, form and size: you decide and create! Send your project to the EPP-Forum. You can describe your work in every detail including graphs and photos ? and send it to us digitally or by mail. Or you send us a model. Please enclose your CV and your profile.

What you can win
A notable jury composed of EPP experts, designers and public figures determines the winners who will get their prizes amounting to 1,000, 2,000 and 4,000 euros in a grand event in autumn 2011. Apart from money, they will, of course, also get fame: Extensive reporting in the relevant media will provide the necessary attention. And one shouldn't underestimate the contacts coming about during the Design Award. A good example is plx Innovation und Design, the winners of the Award 2009/2010: The designers called the attention of BASF, a member of the EPP-Forum. Now, they are working together on a project.

Last year's winners
The third prize at the Design Award 2009/2010 was won by a German-Swiss designer duo. Julie Weideli and Leif Heidenrich presented colourful, extraordinary bird houses named piEEP, convincing the jury with their "terrifically simple construction". The second prize went to designer Philipp Bruni. His piece of furniture "Little G" is as manifold as the material it is made of. Its look reminds one of a small "g", and it can be used as a chair, a lounge armchair or a table. Due to the elasticity, the form changes a little according to its use; and thus "Little G" is consistently unique.The winners of the first prize made use of the two main features of the foam plastic: Protection and light weight. Ämilios Grohmann and André Kieker of plx Innovation und Design developed a protective helmet from EPP ? the FLEX helmet ? and received the first prize for this. According to Peter Knopp, member of the jury and regional head of the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID), the helmet convinced the jury by its clear form and stability and presented a "must have" product for an adolescent target group.

The jury awarded a special prize for a small protective packaging: Markus Bischof designed a protective sheath for Christmas baubles. With the "ball for the ball", the fragile Christmas tree decoration can be either packed and put on the tree or stowed safely.

How to enter
Send your projects to

EPP-Forum e.V.
until March 31, 2011.
Keyword: "Design Award 2011"
Gottlieb-Keim-Str. 60
D-95448 Bayreuth


Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions at any time!
Finally, we wish all participants lots of creative moments and success!