The winners are set! And the winner is?? About 50 invited guests and, of course, the ten nominees held their breaths at the Best Western Transmar Travel Hotel in Bindlach on 26 October when Auwi Stübbe announced the award winners of the EPP Design Awards 2011.

The professor of the University of Coburg and his jury colleagues Dr. Michael Hohl (Lord Mayor of Bayreuth), Dr. Silke Claus (Managing Director of Bayern Design GmbH) and Nina Saller (director of Design Affairs Munich) had selected the three best of a flood of imaginative contributions to the competition. The beaming winners who received the awards for their outstanding creations are Carsten Eichler from Neuenstein, Wolfgang Rößler from Coburg, and Andrea Sosinski from Halle an der Saale. The award comes with prize money of 2000 euros. At this point, the EPP-Forum again takes the opportunity to congratulate the worthy awards winners!

Fair Mate - The multifunctional suitcase buddy
Christian Eichler designed a trendy trolley suitcase of EPP, a very practical exhibition companion. It convinced the jury especially because of its combined creative and economic approach. Appart from the innovative application of the product at trade fairs, Eichler presented an appealing design concept. The design details, above all, are manifold and well-thought: The reusable suitcase is light, and can also serve as ad space or seat.

Kabelrino - The flexible cable drum
Wolfang Rößler's idea to counteract possible cable spaghetti with a cable drum made of EPP was especially appreciated by the members of the jury because of its practical ring form. The form does not require a special handle situation, thus flexible scenarios of use are possible. Thanks to "lightweight" EPP, the cable drum can, easily be carried up a ladder on one shoulder. And: The cables are very well protected in their stable and shock-absorbing EPP home!

Nanny - The modern lunch container
Andrea Sosinski scored with her functional double-layer set of dishes - a heat-insulating and shock-absorbing EPP-casing with an integrated porcelain bowl. The jury liked Nanny's response to an effective and health-conscious nutrition despite increasing mobility in our society, paired with a modern and aesthetic form, clear functionality and well applied material.

Only winners
The jury praised three additional innovative contributions and awarded 500 euros to Carsten Fichtel and Tobias Förtsch from Munich who convinced the jury with the ultralight transport and shelf system "EP+", to Markus Mak from Coburg for a shapely EPP casing for loud speaker boxes, and Tom E. Steinhöfer and Kathrin Lang, also from Coburg, for the functional laptop bag "Klapp Top". And the other nominees didn't go away empty-handed either: Andrea Fischer (Bad Tölz), Carolin Fischer (Talheim) and Philipp Schaake (Hamburg; two contributions) received a certificate for their ranking among the Top Ten. The unanimous opinion of the experts at the awards was that every contribution to the EPP Design Awards was beneficiary, for the young designers as well as for the innovative EPP material.

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