The EPP-Forum is happy to report that Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH has ventured to set up a milestone for research and development in the field of particle foam activities: Not far from our place of business, situated in the NMB offices, a new technology area has been built. Here, our member company has extended its machine park by two moulding machines and a pre-foaming unit. The investment volume of this measure: approx. one million euros.

On delivery of the pre-foaming unit (expected for end of March), the new machine park at Neue Materialien will be complete for now. On delivery of the pre-foaming unit (expected for end of March) the new machine park at Neue Materialien will for now be complete. The lion's share, the costs for the new building, for the larger one of the two moulding machines of Teubert Maschinenbau GmbH and the pre-foaming unit of Kurtz Holding GmbH (both members of the EPP-Forum), could be paid with funds from the economic stimulus package II - a successful investment, thinks Christian Trassl. According to the managing director of the EPP-Forum, especially the combination of two moulding machines of different sizes is "unique". The two machines complement one another perfectly, not only through different areas of application, but they also guarantee highly efficient and energy-saving operation.

The "Ferrari among the Moulding Machines"
On 21 January, a sensational crane manoeuvre placed two particle foam moulding machines - one weighing three, the other one 17 tons - with pin-point precision at the technology area of approx. 200 square metres of the new NMB annexe. The member company can be especially proud of the larger of the two machines:

> What's so special about the new moulding machine?
Steffen Krauss (project engineer with Teubert): It has two independent steam systems (up to 6 bar, and high pressure up to 25 bar respectively), hydraulic and pneumatic core pullers, and a sophisticated alternating system of small to large mono blocks to provide for a quick form exchange and an energetically reasonable mode of operation. The integrated software is very user-friendly and, above all, fast.

> What about the positioning accuracy of the new plant?
Christian Trassl (managing director of the EPP-Forum): Unique! While the previous accuracy was two tenths of one millimetre at most, we can now reach a maximum value of 25 thousandths for a tool surface of 1 x 1.6 metres. In the field of research and development there is no comparable machine worldwide.

Advancement of Research and Development
On delivery of the pre-foaming unit (expected for end of March), the new machine park at Neue Materialien will be complete for now - a million-euro acquisition of our member company bringing forward Bayreuth as a location for science, as well as the current state of technology in the field of particle foam activities.

From the point of view of the EPP-Forum, it is extremely important that research and development institutions invest and test new applications, explains managing director, Christian Trassl, and that as a consequence, more raw material is used and more machines come into operation: "This will completely change the industrial sector."