63 | Materialica: Looking for Lightweights

A trade show with the motto "Lightweight Design for New Mobility"? A perfect place for the EPP Forum as the ambassador for expanded polypropylene. The Forum has been an exhibitor at Materialica in Munich since 2008 and it's been showcasing attendants the benefits of its innovative material ever since. Everybody who visited the booth of the innovative particle foam balls not only discovered the flexible applicability of EPP but also its fascinating design potential.
Let's weigh those materials! About 12.000 people visited the international trade show for material applications, surfaces and product engineering this year. Because Materialica 2012 had put a special focus on forward-looking lightweight construction in fields such as new energy, aerospace, automotive, sports and recreation, lightweight materials were in high demand. The reason: using them opens up innovative ways to reduce weight and to preserve resources which in turn helps to save energy and money. At Messe München, the EPP Forum was able to step out of the group of the "hidden champions" through the unique property profile and the many different possible applications of its material. Visitors of the EPP Forum's booth were thrilled - a clear sign that extruded polypropylene is a material of the future.

EPP Forum at eCarTec Electric mobility - an industry field that shows a huge growth potential and that is very much interested in new materials that are predestined for energy-saving lightweight construction. That's why the partner trade show eCarTec, held at the same time and in Munich as well, was a perfect addition to Materialica. The close connection between both shows not only helped to heighten the awareness for the many promising possibilities of e-mobility - it also highlighted EPP as the perfect material for this field to the scientific, industrial and design communities.

At the end of the day, our trade show presence has been a full success. So it doesn't come as a surprise that Materialica continues to be a mainstay in our event calendar: the EPP Forum has already booked its booth for 2013.

But Materialica isn't the only trade show that the EPP Forum is visiting - our next stop will be Berlin's Particle Foam on November 28 and 29.