EPP Forum celebrates its 8th anniversary: since 2006, we've established ourselves as an innovative marketing platform for the no less innovative material that is EPP. We're especially proud that the all-round material EPP is being discovered more and more for industrial design applications.
Our goals are to propagate our innovative material and its benefits, to bring together members of both industry and research and to facilitate a plethora of synergy effects. We seek to reach those goals through networking, promotion of new talents, workshops and contests. We are also invested into raising awareness for EPP as an ideal material for design applications among young and skilled designers.

A great example for designing with EPP is the "Snap Chair" by designer Karim Rashid that was awarded the Red Dot Award for outstanding design.

EPP and design - a strong connection
EPP and design: this connection stands at the centre of our networking efforts in 2014, too. And that's why Dipl.-Ing. Christian Traßl, General Manager EPP Forum, is part of the jury of MATERIALICA's Design + Technology Award. The respected design award honours great design innovation, intelligent material development and new, efficient manufacturing processes. With his expertise, Christian Traßl evaluates the submitted projects and ideas and is a strong supporter of the development of young talents in the area of industrial design.

We raise awareness of EPP's design potential
Between October 24th and 26th, we will present EPP's special combination of its positive material properties and its design potential at the DESIGNERS' OPEN, the international design festival in Leipzig. This trade show is a meeting point for the "who's who" of the international design industry. Together with fashion, interior and lifestyle design, industrial design is taking the centre position of the trade show. At our booth and in several talks, we will inform visitors about EPP's many advantages and application areas. That way, we will reach out to all groups: representatives of the industry and consumer goods sectors, established designers and young talents.

Lightness, stability, energy absorption, insulating capacity and many more - the list of properties that make EPP an especially useful and nearly ideal material for design applications is quite long. Many designers are already working successfully with EPP - that's why we want to showcase their inspiring work to many more designers. EPP is the ideal material for the products of tomorrow - be it in the automotive, furniture, interior design, toy or other expanding markets.

An invitation to a very special design event
Mark your calendars: in collaboration with Munich Expo, EPP Forum is organizing DESIGN DAY, the keynote event of this year's MATERIALICA on October 21st 2014. We will present the topic "Design possibilities of trendsetting materials" with a diverse program to an audience of international experts. Our expert workshop "Industrial Design with EPP" will be the highlight of DESIGN DAY: high-level speakers will spotlight the latest trends and developments of our industry - and the tangible and application-oriented design potential of EPP.

Saving the best for last
During the course of the year, EPP Forum will present another highlight dealing with design and innovation. You can look forward to our big reveal. We can't tell you too much yet, but one thing is sure: you will be excited about a modern look and distinctive usability. You want to know more? Stay tuned, we will reveal more in due time.