What do design innovations, creative application examples and our material EPP all have in common? – That’s right, they are all in the focus of our expert workshop “Design and EPP” on the 21st of October. The EPP Forum is holding the workshop as part of DESIGN DAY at MATERIALICA 2014 in Munich. This day is a prelude to the trade fair, and arose from the synergetic cooperation of the EPP Forum and MunichExpo.

Workshop “Design and EPP” – programme highlights

Our workshop programme this time has a number of highlights and top stars from our branch to offer: Nina Saller of the multi-award-winning Munich design agency “designaffairs” will open the event with her keynote speech. She will be providing exciting insights and outlooks on the current and future design trends. Following this, the participants will have the chance to discuss and share their experience with the designer, who heads the Color & Material Design and Research & Analysis divisions at “designaffairs”.

The programme continues with real-world designers who will be showing how they use EPP creatively for diverse products from packaging to office furniture. The participants will learn everything about what factors play a part in the selection of materials, and why EPP is becoming the No. 1 material choice for modern design applications. This will become even more concrete with the lectures by representatives of Bayern Design and the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID). Presented will be possibilities for design promotion, tips on how small and mid-sized companies can use networks to their benefit, and practical advice on how young designers can market their ideas.

And the winner is ... – MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award

A special event will take place together with the expert workshop: Starting at 4:00 p.m., the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award will be held. Christian Traßl, Managing Director of the EPP Forum, was elected as chairman of the award jury and, in this function, will give the speeches to the winners in the various categories – from "Material" to "Surface & Technologies" and "Product" to "CO2 Efficiency". The young talent award for students will also be awarded.

So: On the 21st of October, you must come to Munich and experience our expert workshop and the MATERIALICA Award live!