78 | MATERIALICA 2014: Workshop and Award Ceremony

The material EPP is a true all-rounder when it comes to functionality, application possibilities and aesthetic appeal. No wonder that the EPP fan community is steadily growing. Around 30 EPP and design enthusiasts came to our expert workshop on the DESIGN DAY of MATERIALICA 2014 to meet specialist speakers, designers and materials scientists. We were also able to present the all-round material EPP in more detail to the many international specialist visitors to our fair booth.

Designers discover EPP

An increasing number of designers are discovering EPP as an ideal material for creative applications with strict material property requirements. This was reason enough to use MATERIALICA – the international trade fair for material applications, surfaces and product engineering – as a platform for our “Design and EPP” workshop. With many renowned speakers, including above all Nina Saller of the Munich agency “designaffairs”, the EPP Forum successfully put together an exciting and diverse programme. After the welcoming speech and introduction by EPP Forum Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Christian Traßl, things kicked off in medias res: Designer Nina Saller, head of the Color & Material Design and Research & Analysis divisions at "designaffairs", opened the workshop with her keynote speech on the topic: “Sense and sensibility: User-Centred Material Design – Future needs and their translation into material design”.

Enthusiastic participants at the expert workshop

Nina Saller presented current design trends and explained the psychological backgrounds against which trends rapidly develop into “mega-trends”. Taking the current example of “selfies” as an example, Saller highlighted the crucial role of social media and online networks in the formation of trends. The conditions and processes of how trends arise are thus changing with the technical possibilities. Next came designer Markus Mak of the Coburg designer collective “NJUSTUDIO”. In his very practical presentation “Hot Cold Fresh Design”, he presented the advantages of EPP using the “Thermofuturebox” he designed. Dipl.-Ing. Stefanie Geipel of “materialis”, Berlin, revealed “Aspects of material choice in the design process”. She impressed the workshop participants with simple design examples where – without changing the shape – merely changing the material or colour creates entirely different effects. To conclude, Dr. Kilian Steiner gave an account of his work at “bayern design” and the various possibilities such as the network that promotes information sharing between the company and designers.

And the MATERIALICA Award goes to...

After the expert workshop, and as highlight of the DESIGN DAY, the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Awards were held. Jury chairman Christian Traßl and five other colleagues and experts judged the submitted projects and ideas. “The MATERIALICA Award is diverse and multifaceted. The entries are not limited to one material. We had product ideas from the segments of ceramics, metals and plastics. What I find especially exciting about the MATERIALICA Award is that big, renowned enterprises and unknown students can present their innovations and ideas alike.”

Festive award ceremony

The evening event was moderated by Jan Stecker, known to a wide audience as a TV moderator (Kabel Eins, Sat. 1, DSF). Christian Traßl represented the jury on the stage as chairman, and gave a short speech to each of the winners, explaining the jury’s verdict. The Award was presented in the categories “Material”, “Surface & Technology”, “Product”, “CO2 Efficiency” and as a MATERIALICA Design + Technology Student Award. Winners included the company Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH for its entry of a lightweight construction door module and Kahla Thüringen Porzellan GmbH for its “Magic Grip”, a special silicone coating for the bottom edge of cups and other tableware.