79 | Trade Fair Experience Designers’ Open Leipzig

16,200 visitors, 264 designers, labels and players and a diversity of fashion shows, promotional events, lectures and discussions – and in the middle of it all: the EPP Forum! – The Designers’ Open in Leipzig is rightly considered one of the most popular design festivals in Europe. For the anniversary event, the internationally renowned design fair even managed to top its record visitor turn-up – of 13,200 visitors – from the previous year.

At the 10th Designers’ Open, current trends were presented from all areas of product, fashion, graphic and industrial design and architecture. The main scene was of course the Leipzig fairground, but additional design-related events were organized at various hotspots throughout the entire city.

A city lives/loves design

This bright atmosphere could be felt at the fair as well as in the city, and bound our team from the EPP Forum in its spell as well. Hardly back from the MATERIALICA 2014 in Munich, full of impressions of our successful expert workshop, new impetus, contacts and ideas, it was time again already for the EPP Forum employees to pack their bags. On 24 October, the design event started in Leipzig, where our Forum wanted to present the multifunctional material EPP to an even wider audience. Our goals: To win young designers over to EPP, to make its qualities and outstanding material properties better known, to gain new “EPP fans” and to present the many application possibilities for EPP.

Material with design quality

Now, after the fair, there is no doubt: We reached our goals! And what is more: The EPP Forum received such a strong, positive and enthusiastic response, that we are convinced: The material EPP will go much further in the design sector, and will occupy a permanent position in the area of industrial and product design. At our booth, we presented various examples of products made of EPP. The visitors thus got to check out the useful thermoboxes from the household goods segment, try out the stability and simultaneously light weight and comfort of a stool of provocative design, and familiarize themselves with various other objects from the sports, leisure time, toy and interior segments.

EPP inspires and impresses

The design-savvy visitors to the fair very quickly recognized that EPP is a material with diverse design possibilities, and indeed put this straight into practice. Our team stood in amazement when they came to the EPP Forum booth on the second day of the fair. Person or persons unknown had dismantled the humorous EPP piglets and put them back together again in new colour combinations. So: Creativity and EPP go hand in hand! That’s the message we were able to convey to the international audience at the Designer’s Open.