"The optimal shaped part made of EPP (m/f)": Award ceremony on June 12th, 2008
At 7 pm on June 12th, 2008, the time has come: In the BASF factory of design in Ludwigshafen, the EPP forum awards the first EPP Design Award.

The executive board and members of the EPP forum, agents of the press and the host, the BASF factory of design, are present when the three most technically mature ideas of design will be awarded solemnly. The finalists will not only be pleased about a notably commendation and a top prize money, but also about the mass circulation of their artwork. The EPP forum is going to realize and manufacture the winners ideas in the future this shaped part will act as give-away.

2007 the EPP forum advertised the first Design Award. Sought was after the optimal shaped part made of EPP: 100% made of EPP with a maximum weight of 100 g, and the length of all ridges should not add up to more than 90 cm. "We launched this competition in order to show that the substance EPP has a future in the domains of construction and design as well", the executive director of the EPP forum, Christian Traßl, explained. The number of transmittals was remarkable. About 30 young creative artists gave EPP (expanded polypropylene) a new shape.

In February of 2008, hours stroke for the jury: In cooperation with the Lord Mayor of Bayreuth, Dr. Michael Hohl, the industrial designer Sandra Hermanns, the expert for particle foams Georg Schloms and Tim Schwegler chose the three best ideas of design from the transmittals. The jurors brimmed over with enthusiasm for some exceptionally funny ideas so that they decided to award an auxiliary special prize which is focused on the fun factor. Therefore, the funniest idea made of EPP as well will be awarded on June 12th besides the three most creative transmittals concerning construction and design.

If you have not received a personal invitation for the conferment yet, you can address the branch office in case of interest in attending a few last minute tickets can still be given out!