5 | EPP at Ambiente 2008 in Frankfurt/ Main

Progressive and creative - Innovative and without competitors - Comfortable and clean
A new material for furniture, art and fashion. EPP chose this sector because innovation and creativity are as necessary in the domain of design as they are in the development of new materials.

Priority should be given, in the process of communicating the characteristics of the product, to the development and usage of new marketing channels. In this context EPP will be presented at the Ambiente 2008 as a designer-material. The goal is to combine innovation and design, as to achieve a creative exchange.

The vast possibilities, which this material presents, are not comparable, as it can be transformed into any thinkable form and colour, which is very tempting for creative and innovative people. Thanks to the various characteristics of EPP and the anticipation of the universal usage of the material in different areas, creativity is not restrained.

The flexibility and the various areas of usage were also taken into consideration, while conceptualising the exhibition stand, which is based on an established concept. The visitor gains contact with the material through a mixture of rational information as well as active and emotional experiences. The concept is based on active engagement with the material. A material, which links innovation and creativity.