Bayreuth, June 6th of 2008.The sparkling wine arrives perfectly cooled out of the EPP-insulated refrigerator. The Black Forest gateau is catered in a transport box made of particle foams. The (small) guests are allowed to take a seat on the fancy BUBA chairs, which of course consist of the innovative substance as well. Then, we can begin. Let's raise glasses to two years of EPP forum.

On June 6th of 2006, the EPP forum, which is based in Bayreuth, saw the light of day. The location was chosen strategically: In the city of Richard Wagner the innovative spirit of the Kompetenzzentrum Neue Materialien Bayreuth is tied to the one of the university nearby. Besides the scientific institutions, the foundation of the EPP forum was also forced by numerous businesses, which are aware of the importance of the versatile substance. The society?s ambition: To enhance the degree of awareness of the expanded polypropylene and to discover new applications and utilizations for this substance.

We wish all the best in future endeavours!