The winner of the EPP Design Award On June 12th of 2008, the EPP forum has awarded the first EPP Design Award in the factory of design of BASF in Ludwigshafen. The first prize was given to Britta Stockinger for her brightly coloured egg cups made of EPP.

EPP Forum: Dear Ms. Stockinger, how do you feel being a fledgling winner?

Britta Stockinger: I am very happy about this award. It was a great moment to receive the award directly from the jury.

EPP Forum: You have really done a phenomenal job. Could you have imagined that the jurors award the first prize to you?

Britta Stockinger: You can never know that before, even if you hand in a very good concept, the rating always depends on the personal opinion of the jury after all.

EPP Forum: You have suited the jury's taste. How did you strike on the idea with the egg cups? At the breakfast?

Britta Stockinger: After having informed myself about the substance, I wanted to develop a product which procures as much specific attributes as possible. At the same time, the concept should offer a practical use. The egg cup integrates the substance EPP into the workaday life. The good insulating attributes, the great fitting accuracy and the shock resistance are used to keep the cooked egg warm and to protect it optimally. Whether breakfast at home or picnic on the go the egg remains warm and safe until consumption. The cover serves another purpose as shell dustbin.

EPP Forum: Everybody who is interested in EPP will certainly be pleased about this useful giveaway. Are you going to draw up further design objects made of EPP?

Britta Stockinger: Definitely. I am always in search of new and innovative materials which maximize the freedom of scope. EPP shapes the character of new products by its material aesthetics - just for designers, this is an attractive alternative to present substances.

EPP Forum:We wish you all the best for future projects. Congratulations on the first prize at the EPP Design Award in 2007/2008. Thank you for the interview. More information about the award ceremony and the winners can be found in this article: The optimal shaped part made of EPP (m/w) wanted - Found!