8 | Jury votes the best Design Ideas of EPP

Bayreuth, February 21st, 2008. In the town hall of Bayreuth, a three-man jury nominated the six most creative ideas of designers made of the foam EPP. The industrial designer Sandra Hermanns, the expert for particle foams Georg Schloms and Lord Mayor Dr. Michael Hohl were spoilt for choice. The feedback for the competition of designers announced by the EPP forum was remarkable: About 30 young artists answered the call of the EPP forum and presented new things made of EPP. So far the foam, which excels through unique and multifunctional attributes, is basically used in the industry. ?Via the competition of designers, the EPP forum wants to resurrect the creative branch for this substance as well?, the executive director of the EPP forum, Christian Traßl, emphasized concerning the intention of the competition. And he added: ?EPP has no limits. Imagination is required.?

Within a short time, the first EPP prize of design will be awarded to the three best concepts.

The EPP forum, located at the Kompetenzzentrum Neue Materialien Bayreuth, set itself the target to resurrect new applications for the foam EPP ? as for example in the toy or design industry.

This is a worthy proof for how to work creatively with a creative substance.