The exhibition performance of EPP at Ambiente 2008 astonished visitors.
A questioning look, a touch of a grin, 'I see!' in the facial expression. This way, Christian Trassl, executive director of the EPP forum e.V., faced the visitors of Ambiente 2008. At the greatest exhibition of the consumption branch, which took place in Frankfurt am Main from February 8th to February 11th 2008, he presented them a future substance: EPP.

Designer, product developer and businessmen
were flabbergasted when Traßl acquainted them with the preferences of the foam: robust and at the same time lightweight, heat-resistant, non-polluting, all-round applicable and mouldable. Whether furniture or refrigerator, designer-objects or transport boxes, EPP is extremely versatile. At Ambiente the furniture industry shall be resurrected for EPP amongst others.

"Here, we turn our attention especially to designers and artists", said the executive director. "The substance, that an artist uses, expresses the spirit of the age. From the ancient world to the modern times it was marble or wood, in the 19th century metal appeared and in the 20th century plastics came along. And in the 21st century", Traßl concluded his historical overview, "it will be EPP inter alia".

To leverage EPP worldwide today or tomorrow is the vision of the EPP forum, a federation of renowned companies of the domains raw materials production, engine construction, manufacture as well as research and development.

The forthright contact to enterprises and designers at Ambiente was profitable: new contacts were established successfully, trendsetting projects were considered. The visitors seemed to be very interested and many of them could be convinced of the attributes and possibilities of the foam.

The executive director draw a positive balance after the exhibition performance: The EPP forum is on the right track with its marketing task. The awareness level rises incrementally. Next year, the way of EPP will be directed to Ambiente again with even more references and innovations in matters of EPP.

Ambiente in Frankfurt am Main, which takes place every year in February, is the greatest and most important exhibition of consumer goods of the world. This year, 4590 exhibitors, 69 percent from abroad, presented innovations and trends in the fields "Living" (material for decoration and arrangement), "Giving" (giftware) and "Dining" (Household articles and culinary needs). Almost 150.000 visitors found their way to Ambiente, every other came from abroad. Date of next Ambiente: February 13th to 17th 2009.

To download: "Furniture made of foam…" (Extract out of the Nordbayerischer Kurier of February 8th 2008)