14 | Prime minister Dr. Beckstein fancies EPP

Bayreuth, August 27th of 2008. During his sojourn in Bayreuth, the Bavarian Prime minister Dr. Günther Beckstein has visited the "Neue Materialien Bayreuth" (NMB), a member of the EPP forum. The management by NMB prioritised the activities in the plastic domain.

There were especially the developments in the field of the expanded polypropylene (EPP), which were also presented to the Prime minister by Professor Volker Altstädt, holder of the chair in polymer materials at the university of Bayreuth and advisory council of the EPP forum. Exhibits made of EPP and the moulding machine, which conduces to the production of shaped parts of EPP, were explained to the top-class visitor from the Bavarian capital. The numerous products from the bicycle helmet up to artificial turf based on EPP raised the enthusiasm of the Prime minister for this substance.

Beckstein savoured the research and development work of NMB in an adjacent press conference. After all, the dedication of the EPP forum around the versatile foam, its commercialisation and the EPP research of Bayreuth at the "Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH" contribute considerably to the profiling of Oberfranken as material region. The material scientific expertise of the festival city will be tightened further by the Free State of Bavaria: Dr. Beckstein agreed on additionally 15 million Euro for the consolidation of the technology and innovation infrastructure of Bayreuth during the next years.

Next to the land policy, the regional forces as well agitate for the substance EPP and the EPP forum, which sees itself as flagship of the region in terms of EPP. Dr. Michael Hohl, Lord Mayor of Bayreuth, as well as Petra Platzgummer-Martin, vice president of the government of Oberfranken, support the dedication of the association, which is conducive to the further extension of the city Bayreuth and Oberfranken as a location of material development and commercialisation.