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The EPP Forum – informative, imaginative, interdisciplinary

Expanded polypropylene – EPP for short – is an innovative lightweight construction and design material. Numerous properties, including its feather-light weight, extreme robustness and durability, outstanding thermal insulation, countless design and formation possibilities as well as the fact that it is free from harmful substances, make EPP a material of the future – and the focus of the EPP Forum, which has set itself the goal of enabling the use of expanded polypropylene, with all its incomparable material properties, in further industries and fields of application.

Areas of application for EPP

Already well-known in the automotive industry for many years, expanded polypropylene is now conquering other sectors as well. Thanks to its impressive properties, moulded parts made of EPP are used in a wide variety of fields.

The excellent insulation properties make EPP particularly attractive for heat and ventilation engineering. The low weight qualifies EPP is suitable for use in lightweight construction. Variable design and formation options are a big plus, especially for the furniture and design industries. Stability and food-safe properties also make expanded polypropylene a sought-after material for logistics and packaging as well as sports and leisure applications.

EPP-Musterkoffer | EPP-Forum Bayreuth
Eigenschaften von expandiertem Polypropylen | Nachhaltigkeit | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

EPP: Contaminant-free, reusable and sustainable

During the production of expanded polypropylene, no phthalates or other health-harming substances are added. Because of this, at the end of their life, EPP moulded parts can be shredded and made into new parts. The robustness of the material ensures that components made of EPP are very durable. Reusable packaging can therefore be used time and time again over many years. This conserves resources and thus helps to protect our environment.

What’s more, the lightweight nature of components made of EPP, which are used in the automotive industry among others, means that less fuel is consumed and emissions are reduced.

EPP-Musterkoffer | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Order a sample case

To give you an understanding of the wide range of possibilities offered by EPP, we have put together a sample case for you. It contains 21 sample plates in various colours and finishes – a real eye-catcher in itself. The case also shows how EPP components can be joined to each other or to other materials. Order a sample case of expanded polypropylene to take home and let yourself be inspired.

Members of the EPP Forum

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The members of the EPP Forum form a representative cross-section of the EPP industry and work together to promote the proliferation and further development of innovative products made of expanded polypropylene.

Our members include well-known companies from the fields of raw material production, tooling and mechanical engineering for EPP processing, moulded parts production, joining technology and design as well as a research institute.

Logo | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

The EPP Forum introduces itself

The EPP Forum was founded in 2006 to raise awareness for EPP as a promising material and to continuously develop it further. The office of the EPP Forum is located at Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH, an internationally leading research institute in the field of polymer bead foams.

The remit of the EPP Forum includes the organisation of trade fairs and presentations, networking among members and the transfer of knowledge between companies.

Everything you need to know about EPP

In our News section you will find news and development information related to expanded polypropylene.