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Using EPP in sports and leisure products

What do aeroplane models, artificial turf, fascia rollers and game pieces have in common? They are all made of the versatile material EPP and therefore have the same unique properties. Due to its versatility, expanded polypropylene can be used in a wide range of industries and areas, and it excites both children and adults alike.

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: precise fit | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

EPP beads can be shaped almost any way and thus transformed into any moulded part – from an aeroplane to a wine cooler, from a shopping basket to a bicycle seat. Moulded parts can be produced with an exact fit and without waste.

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: creatively designable | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

EPP plastic can be produced in many colours and can also be painted as a finished moulded part. This is a property that makes the plastic the ideal material, especially for leisure applications.

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: very robust | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Although expanded polypropylene is as light as a feather, it can withstand heavy loads, is robust, durable and waterproof. This is particularly advantageous when travelling, being used outdoors or being made especially for children’s hands.

Einsatz von expandiertem Polypropylen im Campingbereich | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Caravans and camping

Expanded polypropylene has a great future as a material in the area of motorhomes and camping accessories.
Why? Lightweight construction, stability and almost limitless design possibilities are the properties that processors and users value most in this particle foam with outstanding prospects.
What’s more, EPP has good noise dampening and insulating qualities. Perfectly integrable functions and a resistant surface round off the attractive application profile of expanded polypropylene. An added bonus: EPP plastic also has excellent recycling properties.

What the experts praise in particular: EPP makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of components required. For example, only four moulded foam parts are required for the EPP-integrated construction of engine compartment covers with wheel housings, compared to just under 30 for the alternative construction method. A good example of how expanded polypropylene with high efficiency also helps to save material and costs.

Modellflugzeug aus expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Model aircraft made from EPP

They have names like “Multiplex Easystar”, “Sky King” or “Himoto” – aircraft models made from the innovative particle foam EPP. The foam defies gravity as well and is a real high-flyer above the clouds. Both light and robust, the material is ideally suited for model aircraft. Whether propeller or jet plane – expanded polypropylene can take on the shape of any aircraft.

Thanks to the dimensional accuracy and simple processing of EPP, the model planes can be easily processed and assembled from the foam. Even after an unexpected crash, an EPP model plane can be repaired quickly and easily with the help of glue.
The flying world of EPP offers countless design possibilities: Apart from the functional advantages of the plastic foam, which are reflected in the excellent flight performance of the models, the colours are one thing above all – breathtaking in the sky!

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Viavario – Spielzeug aus expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth
Viavario – Spielzeug aus expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

EPP – child’s play

EPP plastic is particularly well suited for the production of toys in child-friendly shapes and colours and enables virtually unlimited freedom of design. Game pieces made of EPP can be assembled into imaginative houses, towers and other figures. Especially important for use in the toy industry: EPP is free from harmful substances and phthalates (softeners). Furthermore, the foam is extremely robust and durable, while at the same time light as a feather. Even cleaning agents and water cannot harm the material.

A classic toy made of EPP: The “viavario” marble run is particularly robust and, at the same time, flexible and versatile. The low weight of the individual building blocks, approx. 50 grammes, makes the marble run a toy that is “child’s play” to use. The children can assemble and disassemble their track individually, easily and in many different ways.

Thanks to its recyclability, EPP foam is also a material that is ready for the future of the toy industry. The material can be shredded and returned to the product lifecycle as polypropylene granulate. This means: Should a toy ever become boring, new and exciting products can be created from it.

Lieblingskorb aus expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

The popular basket made from EPP

A shopping basket made from expanded polypropylene has many advantages. The food is well protected in the basket, while keeping sufficiently cool. Shopping baskets made from EPP are incredibly durable and can be loaded with a lot of weight without any problems. In addition, the material is food-safe and washable – so if something should spill, the basket can simply be wiped out and used again immediately. Shopping baskets made of EPP plastic are the perfect companions for the weekly market, for a picnic or for the next garden party. The highlight: Individual colour options can make the EPP basket a real eye-catcher!

Weinkühler aus expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Products made from EPP for private parties and celebrations

EPP is also used in the private sector. Wine coolers made from expanded polypropylene ensure the best atmosphere at every party. Whether wine, sparkling wine or homemade smoothies – the coolers made from EPP plastic are extremely light, unbreakable and keep drinks cool for hours.

To ensure that guests are happy to stay for a long time, seat cushions for beer benches made from EPP foam offer real seating comfort. They are also easily transportable and can be easily stowed away to save space. If something does go wrong, the EPP seat covers are easy to wash with common cleaning agents. And when it gets a bit chilly in the evening, the cushions will keep you nice and warm thanks to their insulating properties.

Zubehör für Lastenfahrräder aus expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth
Zubehör für Lastenfahrräder aus expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth
Zubehör für Lastenfahrräder aus expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Accessories for cargo bikes made from EPP

The material EPP is ideally suited for the production of accessories for cargo bicycles. EPP is the preferred material for the production of transport boxes. The advantage: The boxes made from the innovative plastic are extremely light, heat-insulating and weatherproof, defying both wind and weather. Sensitive items such as glass bottles or cameras are therefore also protected from moisture and are well cushioned, even on bumpy roads.

And child seats for cargo bikes can also be made from expanded polypropylene. The seats absorb shocks and always feel warm thanks to the insulating properties.

Faszienrollen aus expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Sports accessories made from EPP

The connective tissue of the human body contains the so-called fasciae, which are a kind of protein net that surrounds the muscles and holds the tissue together. One-sided movements, psychological stress and injuries can cause damage to the fasciae, which can be very painful. Massage with a fascia roller is a good way to relieve acute pain, alleviate muscle problems and combat various tensions. Fascia rollers can also be an effective remedy for back pain.

Fascia rollers made from EPP stand out thanks to their low weight and lack of odour. They are portable and are easily to take on holiday with you. At the same time, the expanded polypropylene rollers are easy to clean and can be produced in different degrees of hardness.

Further fields of application for EPP

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Logistics and packaging

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Furniture and design

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Lightweight construction and automotive

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Insulation and ventilation