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Expanded polypropylene – a versatile all-rounder

Like expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polyethylene (EPE), expanded polypropylene (EPP) is one of the “featherweights” among polymer foams. This is precisely the reason why, in addition to the best specific mechanical properties and impressive thermal insulation capabilities, the multifunctional particle foam beads are attracting attention above all due to their outstanding lightweight construction possibilities.

After establishing themselves in the automotive, logistics and packaging sectors, the triumphant advance of EPP beads, which can be transformed precisely into any moulded part, continued: Thanks to its impressive robustness and outstanding design possibilities, expanded polypropylene is constantly conquering new application areas, from furniture and model making to toys and sports.

And EPP is also expected to establish itself in other areas in the future. This is because one very decisive property gives expanded polypropylene an advantage over other plastics: EPP is produced sustainably without pollutants and it can be recycled. Due to its versatile positive properties, the material is not a burden on the environment and therefore contributes towards reducing CO2 emissions in the long term.

The many properties of EPP

Robustness combined with low weight, high rigidity, outstanding energy absorption capacity – the list of impressive product properties of expanded polypropylene is long. Here you will find a selection of the impressive material features of the lightweight plastic, which is made up of more than 90 per cent air.

Abrasion resistant

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: abrasion resistant | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Chemical resistant

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: chemical resistant | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Extremely light

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: extremely light | EPP-Forum Bayreuth


Advantages of expanded polypropylene: insulating | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Creative design possibilities

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: creative design possibilities | EPP-Forum Bayreuth


Advantages of expanded polypropylene: durable | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Accurate fitting possibilities

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: accurate fitting possibilities | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Physiologically harmless

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: physiologically harmless | EPP-Forum Bayreuth


Advantages of expanded polypropylene: recyclable | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Very robust

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: very robust | EPP-Forum Bayreuth


Advantages of expanded polypropylene: stackable | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Shock resistant

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: shock resistant | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Transport safe

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: tansport safe | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Environmentally friendly

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: environmentally friendly | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Heat stable

Advantages of expanded polypropylene: heat stable | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Properties of EPP | EPP Forum Bayreuth

EPP: Unimposing material – extraordinary properties

What makes expanded polypropylene so special that it’s worth taking an in-depth look at this unimposing material? We explain briefly how this miracle foam shortens and simplifies manufacturing processes while protecting the environment. Learn more about the versatile raw material and its many benefits. It’s worthwhile!

The material EPP

From technical data to raw material production, to moulded part manufacturing – learn more about expanded polypropylene.

Technische Daten von expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Technical data

Rohmaterial expandiertes Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Raw material production

Production of moulded parts from expanded polypropylene | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

Moulded part manufacturing

EPP joining technologies | EPP Forum Bayreuth

Joining technology

Historie von expandiertem Polypropylen | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

History and perspectives

EPP-Musterkoffer | EPP-Forum Bayreuth

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